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Uploading photos to Flickr with PhotoExplorer

Last updated March 7, 2012

Uploading Photos with PhotoExplorer

Uploading photos to Flickr with PhotoExplorer

Sources for Uploading

With PhotoExplorer you can upload photos to Flickr. The photos you upload can come from different sources:

  • iTunes File Sharing: When your iPad/iPhone is connected to your PC/Mac, you can drag and drop JPGs in to your iPad/iPhone to be used by PhotoExplorer. Uploading photos from iTunes File Sharing
  • Live Camera: Take a live photo with your iPad/iPhone camera and upload to Flickr with PhotoExplorer. Uploading photos from Live Camera
  • Photo Library: Photos that you have on your Camera Roll and all the photos in your Photo Library, also photos you imported to Photo Library using the Camera Connection Kit. Uploading photos from Photo Library
  • A cloud file service: Photos that you have in one cloud file service can be uploaded to another cloud file service, or to Flickr, Facebook or 500px. Uploading photos from a cloud file service.

Uploading process

There are 3 main steps to upload photos:

  1. Select photos to upload by adding them to the Upload List (From the Upload menu tap on the Upload and then tap on + to select the source, then follow the steps for the source selected, see articles listed above).
  2. Once you have your photos in the Upload list you may or not edit the photo meatada or edit the photo with the Advanced Photo Editor
  3. Select to Upload photos in the Upload List. While the upload is happening you can use PhotoExplorer for other activities.