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Uploading Photos from Photo Library to Flickr

Last updated March 7, 2012

Photo Library or Photo Library Classic

When uploading photos that are in your photo library, you have two options

Photo Library: This is the option that you should use for uploading photos from your photo library, as with this option your photos will have EXIF information, location information, and they will be in high resolution. To use this option you need to grant location access to PhotoExplorer. PhotoExplorer does NOT actually use your current location, but your device requires this permission in order to browse full quality photos and videos for upload. PhotoExplorer will be able to display the location where the photos were originally TAKEN.

Photo Library Classic: This option should only be used when you don't want to grant Location Access to PhotoExplorer, your uploaded photos will be in medium resolution and won't have EXIF neither location information.

Uploading photos from Photo Library

Selecting photos to upload

  1. Tap on Home
  2. From the menu tap on Upload. The upload list will appear, if you have not selected any photos to upload the list will be empty.
  3. To add photos to the upload list, from the toolbar at the top tap on +. This will show a popup where you can select the source of your photos. Select Photo Library
  4. Once you've selected the source, you can select photos by tapping on them. You can select many at a time. If you want to select them all tap on Toggle Selection.
  5. When you have finished selecting the photos you want to upload, tap on Add Selected
  6. All the photos selected will be added to the Upload list, you will see a small thumbnail of the photo, a message indicating if the photo has EXIF information or not, and the size of the photo (by default will be the largest available). You can find more information regarding EXIF when uploading here: What happens with EXIF information when uploading photos?
  7. Now that you have photos in the Upload List you can proceed to upload them or you can edit them before uploading.

Editing photos before upload

Before uploading your photos to Flickr, you can modify the photo metadata (i.e. title, caption, tags, sets, groups, etc) or edit the photo with rotation, crops or effects using the Advanced Photo Editor. More information on editing photos can be found in the following two articles:


You can Upload all the photos in the Upload list by tapping on Upload All, or you can select some of the photos in the Upload list:

  1. From the top toolbar, tap on Edit.
  2. Tap on the photos you want to upload. The ones selected will have a check mark.
  3. Tap on the Upload button.
  4. Upload starts, only the photos with check marks will be uploaded on a given batch. You can continue to use PhotoExplorer for other activities.