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Uploading photos to Flickr using the Camera Connection Kit

Last updated November 9, 2011

Uploading Photos with PhotoExplorer

With PhotoExplorer you can upload photos to Flickr. The photos you upload can come from different sources:

  • iTunes File Sharing: When your iPad/iPhone is connected to your PC/Mac, you can drag and drop JPGs in to your iPad/iPhone to be used by PhotoExplorer.
  • Live Camera: Take a live photo with your iPad/iPhone camera and upload to Flickr with PhotoExplorer.
  • Photo Library: Photos that you have on your Camera Roll and all the photos in your Photo Library, also photos you imported to Photo Library using the Camera Connection Kit.

Uploading photos with the Camera Connection Kit

The Camera Connection Kit allows you to get photos and videos off your camera and onto your iPad after you just took them; with PhotoExplorer you can get these photos and videos to Flickr. For more information on the Camera Connection Kit review the following kb from Apple: iPad: Using the iPad Camera Connection Kit.

To upload photos to Flickr using the Camera Connection Kit there are 2 main steps:

  1. Use the Camera Connection Kit to import your photos from your camera to the Photo Library on your iPad.
  2. Use PhotoExplorer to upload your photos from the Photo Library to Flickr.

Importing photos from your camera using the Camera Connection Kit

  1. Connect the Camera Connection Kit to your iPad, depending on which connector you are using, connect your camera via USB or insert and SD Card.
  2. The Photos app will launch, and you will see the Camera pane with your photos.
  3. You can select specific photos to import by tapping on them and then tap on Import. If you want to import all just tap the Import All button.
  4. When the import is completed, choose if you want to delete or keep the media on your camera
  5. Tap in Albums and verify your photos are in the album "All Imported", they will be also a new album "Last Import" that will have the photos that you just imported.
  6. The photos are now in Photo Library, so you can proceed to launch PhotoExplorer to upload them to Flickr.

Uploading using PhotoExplorer: Selecting photos to upload

  1. Launch PhotoExplorer and tap on Home.
  2. From the menu tap on Upload. The upload list will appear, if you have not selected any photos to upload the list will be empty.
  3. To add photos to the upload list, from the toolbar at the top tap on +. This will show a popup where you can select the source of your photos. Select Photo Library
  4. From the Photo Library tap on the album that has your photos (Last Import or All Imported). You can select photos by tapping on them. You can select many at a time. If you want to select them all tap on Toggle Selection.
  5. When you have finished selecting the photos you want to upload, tap on Add Selected
  6. All the photos selected will be added to the Upload list, you will see a small thumbnail of the photo, a message indicating if the photo has EXIF information or not, and the size of the photo (by default will be the largest available). You can find more information regarding EXIF when uploading here: What happens with EXIF information when uploading photos?
  7. Now that you have photos in the Upload List you can proceed to upload them or you can edit them before uploading.

Uploading using PhotoExplorer: Editing photos before upload

Before uploading your photos to Flickr, you can modify the title, caption, tags, sets, groups, geographic location, security, upload size and rotation. You can edit your photos in the upload list in two ways:

  • One at time: Just tap on the photo and the metadata edit screen will appear, tap on the tab of the metadata you wish to modify
  • In batches: You can edit metadata at the same time for many photos.

To edit in batches:

  1. From the top toolbar, tap on Edit.
  2. Tap on the photos you want to edit together. The ones selected will have a check mark.
  3. Tap on the Modify button that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Now you will see the edit metadata screen. Tap on the tab of the metadata you wish to modify. Notice that if the photo has EXIF information you will see an EXIF tab, this is only for you to review the EXIF information, you can't modify it.
  5. When you have finished editing your photos tap on Save this will close the edit metadata screen, and you will be back to the Upload list.

Uploading using PhotoExplorer: Uploading

You can Upload all the photos in the Upload list by tapping on Upload All, or you can select some of the photos in the Upload list:

  1. From the top toolbar, tap on Edit.
  2. Tap on the photos you want to upload. The ones selected will have a check mark.
  3. Tap on the Upload button.
  4. Upload starts, only the photos with check marks will be uploaded on a given batch. You can continue to use PhotoExplorer for other activities.