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Offline Stack

Last updated December 23, 2011

What is an Offline Stack?

If you wish to have photos for offline viewing you can store them in an offline stack. The content of Offline Stacks is saved to the offline stacks cache, photos in the offline stack won't be deleted when the cache is cleared, they will remain in your device until you either change your Offline Stack to Online or when you delete the Offline Stack

Creating an offline Stack

When you create an Stack you can specify if should be an Offline Stack. An online Stack can be changed to an offline Stack. To create an Offline Stack

  1. Go to the Home screen (tap on the Home icon in the top toolbar)
  2. In the Home screen, form the menu tap on Stacks
    Stacks menu
  3. From the top toolbar tap on +
  4. The New Stack pop-up appears
    New Stack
  5. Enter a name and select the kind of content that will hold this stack: Photos, Lists or People. More on Stack types can be found in the following article: Types of Stack
  6. If this a stack you want to use as default, set "Set as Default" to ON. If there was another stack of the same kind already as default, the other one will no longer be a default and this new stack will be the default stack.
  7. Turn ON "Offline Stack".
  8. Tap on Done
  9. Your new Stack will appear in the Stacks list, it will have en Offline icon and if set as default it will indicate this is a Default stack.
    Offline Stack

Adding items to an Offline Stack

You can add items to an offline stack or move items from an online stack to an offline stack. Both activities are done in the same way as for online stacks. More information on Adding items and moving items between stacks can be found in the following articles: Adding , Moving

When you add items or move items to an offline stack, the items will go to the downloads queue, and you need to go to the Download Status screen to start the Download.