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Types of Stacks

Last updated January 5, 2012

Stacks: Photo, List or People

A Stack has a type depending on the content it holds. There are 3 types of Stack: Photo, List and People. When you create a Stack you specify the content type, you can change the stack type when only when it is empty.


A stack with content type Photo can hold any individual photo you send to the stack.


A stack with content type List can hold photo lists: Sets, photostreams, favorites any day Explore, Recent from Everyone or Recent from Contacts, photo search results, or list of photos in a group.


A stack with content type Photo can hold a link to any contact or user, even if it is not your contact.

Default Stacks

When you install PhotoExplorer on your device, a Stack of each content type will be created automatically and they will be marked as default. This is done so you can start adding items to the stack without having to configure Stacks. Items you add to the Stack will go to the corresponding default Stack. You can delete these Stacks and create your own and set them as default. If when adding an item to the Stack, a default Stack of the required type does not exits, PhotoExplorer will create one for you.