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AirPlay with older devices

Last updated May 23, 2012


AirPlay allows you to wiresly stream music, video and photos from your iPhone or iPad to AppleTVs and other devices that have the AirPlay feature.  

PhotoExplorer and AirPlay in older devices

With PhotoExplorer and older devices you can only stream videos, not photos. This is due to an Apple imposed limitation to third-party apps. With iPad1 and iPhone 4 or earlier, only Apple apps can stream music, video and photos. Third-pary apps can stream only videos. With iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPhone 4S and iOS5 third- party apps are allowed to stream any content, so with PhotoExplorer and never devices you can stream your photos and videos to your Apple TV.

AirPlay of videos from PhotoExplorer in older devices

If you want to use Airplay to stream videos to your Apple TV with PhotoExplorer using an older device:

  1. Launch PhotoExplorer
  2. Browse until you find the video you want to stream onto your Apple TV
  3. Tap on play
  4. When the video is playing you will see the Airplay icon AirPlay where you can choose the Airplay device you want to use
  5. Select your Apple TV and now the video will be streamed to your Apple TV.

You can find more information on using Airplay in the following AppleUsing AirPlay

AirPlay and Airplay Mirroring from PhotoExplorer with iPad 2, iPad 3 or iPhone 4s and iOS5

With iPad2 or iPhone4S you can do Airplay with PhotoExplorer to either mirror the complete PhotoExplorer app or just stream your photos or videos to your Apple TV, more information can be found in the following article: AirPlay with iPad 2, iPad 3,and iPhone 4s