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Upload Size and Quality

Last updated November 28, 2012

When uploading a photo you can choose upload size and quality.

Upload Size

The upload Size setting is to configure the photo to the size that will become the original size in Flickr. From that size Flickr will generate all the other available sizes from 2048pixels all the way down to 100pixels (For images uploaded before March 1, 2012 they go from 1024pixels). For example if you select X-Large if the photo is larger than 2500, PhotoExplorer will update the photo to be 2500 and then upload this updated photo to Flickr. Flickr will take the 2500 photo as the original and then generate all the other sizes.

Upload Quality

The image quality is to configure how much the image will be compressed using the jpeg format, this to reduce the file size which consequently reduces the image quality. When using JPEG format to tune the image quality a Q factor is used, usually this is a range of 1 to 100 . A factor of 1 produces the smallest, worst quality images; a factor of 100 produces the largest, best quality images. In PhotoExplorer the set the best quality (100) set the sliding bar all the way to right.