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What is the Stack?

Last updated December 20, 2011

The 'Stack' is one of the unique features of PhotoExplorer. It is a quick way to mark photos/streams/sets/searches as favorites and have them in a single place for later viewing.

How can the Stack be useful for you?

Here are some examples on how you can use the Stack:

  • Save a photo as a 'local' favorite. As such, it is not marked as public favorite on Flickr. Other Flickr users will not be able to tell you favorited it.
  • Save a photo for further later review : maybe you're looking for photos with a specific subject, want to mark them, and later review them to choose the best one.
  • Save a photographer's photostream : You like the photos of a specific person. The person can be or not be your contact, and you can 'save' a link to their photostream in the stack
  • Saving your favorite photographers sets/streams to the stack is an easy way to keep tabs on their updates.
  • Save the results of a flickr photo search.
  • Save a link to a Flickr Group

Tip: The stack is per device/per flickr account. If you switch Flickr accounts on the same iDevice, each account has its own stack. The stack is not shared across devices.