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Saving to Photo Library

Last updated November 2, 2011

How to Save Photos to Photo Library?

  1. When looking at any photo in details view or full screen view, tap on the Action menu, located in the top toolbar.
  2. Tap on Save to Photo Library
  3. A photo Saved message appears once the photo has been saved to your device


When downloading photos you should be aware about the licensing restrictions. When photos are uploaded to Flickr you a license type is specified by the owner of the photos, so other users know what they should or should not do with the photos.

  • Some photographers mark their photos as "copyright", PhotoExplorer will download the photo for you, but will inform you about the license type in a small, auto-dismiss (2 second) transparent legend.
  • Some other photographers have the download option disabled, so PhotoExplorer can't save the photo on your device. "Save to Photo Library" is disabled in these cases. This is not a programming error but a Flickr API license restriction. If you want to get this photo, you should contact the owner.

Regardless of the download setting and license set by the owner you can always enjoy all photographs at full screen within PhotoExplorer.