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How to configure PhotoExplorer to show new Flickr's photo sizes 1600px, 2048px on iPad 3?

Last updated May 15, 2012

Flickr's new iPad optimized photo sizes:1600px and 2048px

Flickr has introduced two new photo sizes, 2048 and 1600 pixels. PhotoExplorer now supports these 2 new sizes.

  • New sizes are only available on the new iPad.
  • Performance is much better than using originals, and you get the same quality experience.
  • New image sizes are only available on Flickr for photos uploaded after March 1, 2012
  • There is a display control setting in Flickr for pro members. Pro members can control in Flickr how large their images are displayed. You can find more information on the photo sizes and setting for Pro members in Flickr blog:
  • In PhotoExplorer you can use the setting "Retina optimized images" to specify the size of images when viewing them on your iPad. Keep in mind that when browsing photos, the desired image size may not be available as not all Flickr members will be sharing the new sizes with everybody.

To configure the size of images displayed in PhotoExplorer:

  1. Go to Home and tap on Settings
  2. Tap on Photo Display
  3. Tap on Retina optimized images (new iPad), choose one of the 4 options available. For the new Flickr sizes, make sure to select either "Yes- As available: 2048px, 1600px, 1024px "or "Yes- As available: 2048px, 1600px, Original".
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  4. After changing this setting, make sure to pull down to refresh. If you are viewing cached photos the new selected size won't be displayed.
  5. When viewing your photos or other user's photos PhotoExplorer will check if the size configured in the settings is available (i.e the owner of the photos has configured in Flickr to share photos in 2048px.)), if not it will try to get the next size available (i.e 1600px) as specified in the settings.