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Choosing a view: Thumbnails or List view

Last updated December 23, 2011

When you are browsing photos you can view them in thumbnails or list view.

Thumbnails View

In thumbnail view, the photos appear as square thumbnails, organized in a gallery style and you can choose between small or medium thumbnails.


Small , medium, medium with original ratios or large thumbnails

When you go to thumbnails view the thumbnails are by default in medium size, you can decrease to a small size by doing a pinch-in gesture, you can go to the medium size by doing a pinch-out, if you do another pinch-out you will see medium size thumbnails without cropping, and if you are on an iPad 3 you can do an additional pinch-out gesture that will allow you to see large thumbnails.

Pinch outw

List View

In the list view photos are organized in rows, each row contains the square thumbnail of a photo along with the owner of the photo, privacy, date the photo was posted, number of views, favorites and comments..To switch from one view to the other just tap on the icon at the top right